Monday, 28 October 2013

Inside a Survival Shelter as it Rains

Here we show you an authentic survival shelter and how does it look like while it is raining outside.

One thing is to see how to build a shelter in a book or manual, or perhaps even in a video, but the moment of truth is when weather goes bad. Then you will know if your construction is good or not.

The first thing that you will have to do when the weather goes awry is to put everything inside the shelter, every item that you have been using for cooking, or signalling, etc. like you will see in this video. 

Then, you will have to make sure that your shelter suffers no filtrations and that everything inside the shelter is protected by plastic or equipment like the ponchos that we commonly use and you will see in this clip.

And then, as long as it rains, snows or the wind blows, you will have to check periodically the status of your shelter. Consider that unless you have built a really sturdy cabin, the roof, the walls, the floor, and other parts of your expedient home will probably not be even near perfect, so you have to be preared for trouble even if the thing really does give you some degree of comfort and protection.

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