Friday, 18 October 2013

Some Stories of Bootleggers, Smugglers and Entrepreneurs of the Black Market

Why study and learn what an assortment of crooks did in the past? Certainly, not to applaud their crimes but knowing a little bit more may help us learn a little bit more about urban survival techniques, what works, what doesn't work and why. 

Natural phenomena are not moral facts and at the bottom, the base, the fundamental parts of our existence within a society, we are beings that function thanks to nature and nothing else: How or body works in a biological or physiological sense depends on natural laws and phenomena, and not in laws passed by parliament.

Intellectual abstractions, morality, ethics, philosophy and even law and order come afterwards, as a consequence of our ability to survive. Thus, what is written in paper cannot be more important than life; survival is the single most important thing for every living thing.

Under duress, dictatorships and opressive regimes people often have to buy and sell thing in the black market simply because there is no other way to survive. So we should not pass undue judgement, but learn about those experiences.


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