Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Survival Tips for Economic Disasters

A crumbling economy might create survival scenerios as much as natural disasters; after all, the 1929 world crisis was one of the factors that eventually led to the second world war. But there are many things that anyone affected by a deep economic crisis can do in order to survive and thrive.

Today, society makes us interdependent, we cannot work, travel, communicate and live without the assistance or influence of others, or so we think. Perhaps that is what we want to think out of superficial convenience or what controlling governments want us to believe because they need our tax money as much as a parasite needs its host, but the fact is that in reality we humans are essentially free beings, capable of managing our own lives by our own means; we live in a society because it has its advantages, but society is not an absolutely indispensable factor. We benefit from social life, but we can do without it as well.

Survival might depend on us remembering how to think freely, learning how to repair things, how to grow vegetables, and how to do the kind of stuff that our ancestors, just a couple of generations ago did for themselves. But also, we have to let go some things that we take for granted and feel comfortable with, but are really  affecting our lives in a bad way. One of such things is the trust that we place in authorities because the future is showing some dangerous signs.


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