Saturday, 19 October 2013

The First Stop is the Most Important

When you start trekking early during morning, when you start climbing a rock wall for the first time during the day, or when you start with any outdoor activity you should immediately focus your mind into determining what you will do during the first stop for a little rest.

This is not a praise for laziness but a practical matter: If a backpack is not well adjusted, if the cargo doesn't feel right, if shoes are not comfortable and so on, these things will be almost immediately noticed by members of any outdoor group or participants in an excursion, but instead of stopping every second or so to allow for everyone to correct his or her little issues it is better to wait until the first halt during the activity. In this way you will not lose time but you will allow for those problematic issues that may well decrease to group's performance during the day.

Sometimes gong slower means reaching your target faster; that is the reasoning behind the first stop in any outdoor or wilderness adventure as your most important one.

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