Saturday, 26 October 2013

Would It Be Right To Disarm Civilians?

Would it be right to disarm civilians? In recent times and in many countries, the notion of disarming civilians has been growing in a way parallel to the growth of criminal violence, but would that be right?

Even those of us who are not yet old people remember how we played with our bicycles on quiet streets, when it was rare that you car could be stolen, and when homes usually didn't have alarms, unless the owner had a private art collection or something like that. The same that I can tell you will be repeated around the world and across cultures and religions. 

Violent crime has increased noticeably: today, criminals under 18 fire at you with revolvers, burglars give a beating to the old and ill, and murderers seem more eager to dismember victims: there are of course, many other variants in the realm of violence that always existed, but are becoming more common as time passes. 


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