Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A possibility that should not be overlooked in the framework of study of urban survival: Governments may turn against their own people

It might seem inappropriate, subversive, exaggerated or apocalyptic, but even democratic governments sometimes turn against their own citizens and act in order to persecute them; thus, if you study urban survival techniques you have to at least account for this possibility.

Two very clear examples of this are those of Adolf Hitler and Robert Mugabe; both reached power thanks to the popular vote and slowly, little by little began persecuting those that they didn't like and ended bullying just about anybody else using all sorts of methods, including murder. The number of victims in both case of course differ, but the kind of leadership was the same. 

Whether you are talking about one, a thousand or a million victims, for those victims statistics doesn't matter since for they certainty hit them violently and sometimes terminally. The evilness of a bad leader should not be judged by the number of victims that he provokes, but by the fact that he causes victims in the first place. With these two examples - but there are more indeed - it is enough to understand that even the most ostensibly democratic leaders may become ruthless and act against innocent people.


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