Sunday, 10 November 2013

Conflict Diamonds... Bloody Diamonds

In some regions of the world, under extreme conditions for survival, thousands of people work in slavery and infrahuman conditions to satisfy the hedonism of some and the lust for war of others.

Enter the conflict diamonds, defined by the U.N. as precious stones extracted in areas, particularly within Africa, controlled by rebel or unrecognised groups fighting legitimate governments. These stones serve a twofold purpose: On one hand, they are sold thorough the black market at somewhat reduced prices and find their way into all sorts of jewels and luxury items. On the other hand, the significant income that such commerce brings makes it possible for those rebel groups to sustain war and even outgun local government forces. 

The individuals that do the extraction of those diamonds under very hazardous conditions receive no compensation, are virtual slaves and have absolutely no say in the destiny of the funds; they are treated very cruelly by the armed groups that control the mining process, which, on the other hand, violate all sorts of conventions in almost all their actions, from the treatment that they give to prisoners and the civil population, to their workers and the constituency of their own combatant force, also recruited by force and duress, leading to brain washing, among children of ages as low as eight years old in order to turn them into reckless killing machines. 

Countries like Angola, Sierra Leona and Liberia became hell on earth in recent years for a significant number of people forced to work in the mines that belonged or still belonging to factions involved in civil war.


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