Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Is Noah's Ark a Realistic, Valid Survival Strategy?

The biblical story of Noah and its Ark can be interpreted in different ways: As an entertaining legend, as a religious story from which lessons can be learned and as ingenious bet on the survival of species if confronted with a global catastrophe, but can it actually work? 

First of all, we should take into account the historical background of the story to understand what it means: The idea of an Ark is actually older than most people think. Indeed, Sumerian clay tablets were found at the ancient Nineveh library telling the story of Ziusudra, a man who was told by one of the Sumerian gods to pack everything into a ship and stay there until a deluge caused by an assembly of gods passes.

The gods apparently grew frustrated at humankind and decided to do a fresh start,but the god Enki felt sympathetic to humans and blew the whistle, so Ziususdra gathered his family and all kinds of animals, and survived in a ship made of wood. 


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