Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sex as a Post - Apocalyptic Survival Tool

What role would sexual activity have if suddenly a major part of mankind were wiped out by illness, war or genocide?

Apocalyptic prophecies abound, dangers are usually greatly exaggerated, but the fact remains that dangers for humans, animals and plants do exist and survival scenarios in which large numbers of living beings get killed are plausible. Mass extinctions are part of our planet's history and can take place entirely by natural causes or – as is the case now – by the mistakes that we humans might make. 

There are some who fear what would happen in 2012, or in the event of an alien invasion or other things with little or no basis, and such beliefs somewhat tarnish the concept and preclude any serious debate on the matter, but history does tell us that such events do happen from time to time: the Holocaust and the Black Death are two examples that indicate that in less than one thousand years several mass extinctions affecting humans might take place. 

And what happens when a society, a culture, suddenly becomes an endangered species?


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