Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Urban Survival: The Second Problem of National Emergencies

Any emergency of a nationwide scale generates a terrible situation for the people touched by it and this frequently evolves into true survival situations in which people begins to feel keen on choosing leaders that are perceived to be strong even at the expense of their own rights. This generates a second problem, often worse than the original one.

Adolf Hitler attained power in Germany thanks to an election; he was naturally a well-known figure in the country well before that moment but for a number of years was seen just as an eccentric figure, by many. His words began to make an impression of people as the effects of the defeat of WWI began to make a mark, due to the arbitrary measures of the victors and especially, after the financial debacle of 1929. His image of a strong man then allowed for his political progress. 

His economic measures were at the beginning favourable; that, coupled with propaganda, the suppression of dissidents that were sent to concentration camps long before the "final solution" was conceived and the creation of a scapegoat for all the evils of the nation - the Jewish people - made him even more powerful. People loved to see a strong leader, or just feared not to. Many were convinced nazis and those who were not were too afraid to speak out


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