Sunday, 1 December 2013

S.S. Córdoba

The S.S. Córdoba was a passenger ship especially fitted to transport immigrants as Argentina became one of the preferred destinations of Europeans leaving the Old World after WWII.

Argentina has been know for government mismanagement, yet, it has been and remains quite a destination for immigrants. In the beginning of the XXI century those immigrants arrive at the country mainly from Latin American neighbors, because despite all its misdeeds Argentina offers very advantageous conditions for people living in its neighboring lands.

Before the creation of the European Union in its original form, and NATO, institutions that brought peace and stability in Europe, people from the Old World also went by the millions to Argentina. Not only the country offered prosperity, but it also offered peace, since Argentina rarely had wars and violent confrontations. When the Berlin blockade started, I 1948, my grandmother felt especially worried about the possibility of WWIII; grandfather wanted to stay in the UK but she argued that in the advent of a new confrontation he would be called to arms because he was still in active duty in the army

S.S. Córdoba - P.E.


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